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Traveller’s Lifehacks: Paris

Paris – the city of love and romance, extremely beautiful, extremely romantic, but at the same time so trying and callous. Explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world based on the experience of thousands of travelers. Follow the tips listed here, and save your time and travel smart.

Travel on Metro, by bus, RER

Buying a city travel card is a great option, as it gives opportunity not only use several types of public transport but also is an entrance ticket to the majority of museums and sights, where entrance pass is needed.

Paris Metro is one of the best options for travelers, the navigation is clearly explained with the multicolored system of 16 lines, approximately 300 stops, running underneath Paris.paris_transport

Paris bus system is another good option, especially if your hotel is far from the city center and there is a bus stop near it. Buses have one very cool advantage: basically, you are having a city tour while traveling from one place to another.

Besides Metro and buses, there are also RER and of course, taxis. RER is often confused with metro, but they cover a wider area and have fewer lines.

Naturally, taxis are more comfortable and therefore, more expensive. There are taxis 24 hours a day, and there are services you can order beforehand, from your home country. Taxi applications like UBER also work in Paris.


Paris – gastronomical city

Paris is believed to be one of the culinary capitals of the world. There are so many things worth trying in Paris, that for a week or fortnight travel you’d better have a prioritized list. If you are a budget traveler, remember that takeaways are always cheaper than have-ins.

escargots Duck_confit

Try seafood at Le CrabeMarteau or La Mascotte,  order a cheese plate or cheese fondue at Astier, Duck confit at  La Fontaine de Mars. Buy a box of macarons at Ladurée, Gerard Mulot or Carette, and enjoy them after an evening Paris tour.

There comes the quintessential pastry of France, croissant! Enjoy them seated in outside cafes thus adding a special charm to the whole process.

Tip: Buying croissants, don’t forget Parisian éclairs and Street-stand crêpes, they are heavenly delicious.eclairs_905 Best-Crepes-From-paris


Watch out for thieves and tricksters

Paris as one of the most famous cities in the world not only attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world but also robbers, pick-pocketers, and tricksters.


To avoid unpleasant incidents, take only the very necessary things with you, leave the valuables and the rest in the hotel safe.

You will most probably get pickpocketed at the major tourist sites: like the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Notre Dame, Louvre etc. Be careful to your backpacks, purses, and cameras, do not leave them on the benches, always carry them on you.

Never, ever try to involve in street games organized mainly by gypsies, don’t try to guess in which cup is the stone or penny, you’re gonna lose

Stay  Connected

We would suggest not to count on Paris Wi-Fi, as actually, there are not so many places with free Wi-Fi in Paris. You can use WI-FI in the hotel, though not all hotels have Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms. So you’d better consider two option: try to get a local SIM card in Paris, and buy a travel SIM card beforehand. travel_SIM_card

The second option is better as the price is going to be the same, but you will have guaranteed communication as soon as you get off the airplane. Besides, there is another advantage for travelers who are going to travel several European countries. The travel SIM card will work for all of them.

HelloSIM travel SIM card is a good choice, as offers low calling rates and affordable internet packages.


Avoid the long lines

If you are in Paris for a few days, you’d want to see as much of Paris museums, as possible. The best option is to buy a Paris Museum Pass for combined museums. It offers access to more than 60 most famous museums and sights and allows you to avoid the long ticket queues.

Buying online tickets beforehand is another great option. The longest lines in Paris are for Louvre and Eiffel Tower. The Line for Louvre is moving slowly, while the queue at Notre Dame moves faster. If you are not going with an organized tour, you cannot avoid Notre Dame entrance queue, even if you have Paris Museum Pass. The entrance is free, but it will not give any priority, you’ll have to wait with all the rest in a boring and long line.


The best option for Louvre is to have a prioritized entry or a guided tour, especially if you are on a short visit in Paris. If you do not mind waiting, at least take the Porte des Lions entrance, Visit Louvre on Wednesday or Friday evening, it closes 9 45 p.m. that day.

As a conclusion: just follow our tips, be careful and enjoy your stay in this amazing, charming city of lights. Explore the history, visit museums, go for long walks in epic Parisian streets, take the most from one of the greatest cities in the world!