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Santas in Swimming Suits

Typical Christmas scenario: Fire is singing in the fireplace, family members gather near brightly decorated Christmas table, children in warm woven socks drink hot chocolate and watch large snowflakes falling from chilly winter air… But the Christmas mood warmth is not enough to love the cold outside, so who wants a scenario change? You are lying on a sunny beach, the huge waves of the sea kiss your feet, and you feel the warmth of the dazzling sun, but it is December! Liked it? Then you should choose a hot Christmas vacation this year! Where to go? Mmmm… maybe Australia? The Canary Islands? Thailand? Have a look at our list!

The Canary Islands
Average temperature in December – 66 °F

Stretched on gorgeous beaches in the Atlantic off the North African coast, the Canary Islands offer outstanding holiday experiences. Year-round sun, stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes and lively nightlife attract more visitors year after year.

A travel to the Canaries is very exciting, and a travel at festive season adds a bit of extravagance and unusual emotions to the whole trip.
Just like the rest of the world, the Canary Islands have their special traditions for Christmas. People celebrate and have fun on all islands with a diverse array of bars, parties, clubs, and entertainment. Whatever island you choose, be sure, you’ll have an unforgettable Christmas so different from ones we are used to.

Sidney, Australia
Average temperature in December – 72 °F


Skip cold, ice, snow and mud, and head to Australia, to have a bright, memorable, warm and sunny Christmas!
Start the Christmas morning on the beach, sunbathing and enjoying the warm and clear water and arrange an outdoor barbeque! Koalas and kangaroos have come to replace reindeers and Santa, though on Australian beaches you will meet plenty of Santas in special Christmas swimming suits.

Bangkok, Thailand
Average temperature in December – 75°F

Tired of tasting the same Christmas turkey every year? Change your habits, try Tom Yum Goong- a Spicy Shrimp Soup or Gaeng Daeng – Red Curry. Perhaps it’s the harmony of sweet, sour and spicy, that makes Thai food so amazing. If you are a fan of traditional Christmas dinner, you can still have it, as most of the hotels in Thailand arrange traditional Christmas Eve dinners for their visitors.


Thailand, known as “The country of smiles” Offers its visitors to explore amazing wildlife, Buddhist temples, and of course, enjoy loads of sunshine. This Christmas promises to become one of the most memorable ones, so take your chance!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Average temperature in December – 77 °F

Sorry Santa, no milk and biscuits for you this year. We are leaving for Brazil!
Dive in the endless sunshine as you create the brightest holiday memories. Meet sun-kissed beaches and lively nightlife, visit the famous Amazon rainforest.

Most of the Brazilian traditions come from Portugal, and Christmas Christmas plays called “The Shepherds” is one of them. Many people, mostly Catholics, attend a Midnight Mass service, which lasts till 1 a.m, after the mass, there is a gorgeous fireworks show. As Brazil population is a mix of different nations, the visitor can find all the cuisines, all the celebrations from around the world here in Brazil!

Average temperature in December – 77 °F

Talking about Christmas celebrations it is hard to imagine sunbathing at endless turquoise-hued sea, but it’s worth trying! Hawaii offers more than just gorgeous beaches – travelers find holiday craft fairs, Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, and festive parades. Learn surfing, snorkeling, y kayak and get your stunning Hawaii suntan. A trip to Hawaii at Christmas is a gift from Santa, which will be long remembered.


Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Average temperature in December – 68 °F

Sharm el-Sheikh has become a popular destination for Christmas holidays thanks to its luxurious, yet affordable hotels, outstanding beaches, perfect weather and the diversity of sights that offers this ancient country.

Order a tour to Pharaoh’s Island, ride on the back of a camel, head to Blue Hole, an exciting place for snorkeling and diving, which is located 10 kilometers north of Dahab. Enjoy your holidays, and bring a piece of Egypt’s sun back to winter in your homeland.

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