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9 Things not to Forget When Packing for Your Vacation

Travelling is fun, traveling is full of expectations and promises for something new and unusual. But first of all, you have to pack your baggage. Packing for a vacation can be a hard task, but if you do it right, you’ll be less stressed and you’ll not forget the toothbrush. Making a list of all necessary items is what you need for a start. It will take some more time, but at the same time will ensure you do not leave anything important at home. And yes, pack about three to four days before the trip.


Take a special envelope, a foldable bag, or handbag and put your passport, credit cards, travel insurance, airline tickets and other important documents with you.


Use internal pockets of your backpack for keeping them secure.  For your security have some copies of your passport in other pockets of your luggage, and keep a digital copy on your smartphone.

Season’s essentials

Depending on a season, take essentials for that particular time of the year. For example swimming suit, sun protection lotion and beach hat for summer, scarf, gloves, thermals for winter.


Before leaving check the weather conditions for that country, read other traveler’s remarks about the weather so as not to forget umbrella and raincoat for rainy weather.


Modern people can’t imagine their life without portable electronics: smartphones, iPods, cameras, laptops. During the trip be careful not to damage those valuable gadgets, keep them in cases, don’t leave them without attendance in public.



Have some charger adapters for your electronics, as different countries have different plugs and not the same voltage. Have a portable power bank with you, probably it is the most important essential in your travel list if you want to have a fully charged smartphone and never miss a valuable moment while traveling.

Travel SIM card

No one wants to waste loads of money on expensive international roaming. Buying a local SIM card is a good option, but sometimes local internet and calling rates are more expensive than some travel SIM cards offer. Very often buying a local SIM means wasting time, especially when you do not know local language or when purchase requires local documentation. HelloSIM travel SIM card is a good choice, as offers great internet packages and low rates for calling and SMS with worldwide coverage.



If you need certain drugs for periodic use, you’d better take them with you, and not rely on buying them abroad. In any case, check beforehand if you are allowed to cross the border with them, and have doctor’s prescription with you.



Mosquito repellent and nets

There are countries, where mosquito repellents can save your trip from itching, tropical diseases and stressed nights. Before buying the spray check the volume of aerosol you are allowed to carry in your baggage, and instead of one large one, take two small. Bite cream is an essential in your traveling kit, too.



Airplane comfort essentials

When you have long flights, it’s absolutely necessary to take earplugs, inflatable pillows, sleeping masks and headphones with you. Taking your favorite book is also a great idea, or maybe the laptop to work a bit. Experienced travelers prefer to have some snacks in the airplane, so as not to buy expensive airplane snacks when hungry.


What NOT to Take

Before leaving, check the airport list for prohibited items. For the safety of all passengers, every airline has a list of banned items too. In most cases the list includes sharp, cutting items like knife and scissors. Limit your liquids, instead of big bottles, take ones which do not exceed 100ml. Don’t put aerosols in your hand luggage, they will not be allowed on board, there are considered to be easily flammable. Very often you will not be allowed to carry lithium-ion batteries powered devices with you.  Camping equipment such as stoves, explosives, and fuel canisters are never allowed, even if they are sealed and unused.