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Travelers’ Lifehacks: Rome

Well, next destination is Rome, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The eternal city continues to attract millions of tourists every year, and millions of tourists fall in love with this luminous megapolis. The cosmopolitan city with rich history and culture will give you a warm, hearty welcome. Check our list based on different travelers’ experience and opinions before visiting the capital of Italy, the city of seven hills, where all roads lead to.


Navigation in the city

Rome is a perfect city for walking. It is said that the city itself is a big museum, so put on comfy shoes and start exploring the eternal city. However, if you prefer transport, do not buy a lot of single-use public transport tickets. A 3-day, 7-day or 30-day pass is always a better and cheaper option.


Don’t get confused when ATM doesn’t give you out the money you want, and the transaction is rejected.  Based on travelers’ experience, most ATM-s in Rome have a limit for more than 250euro money withdrawal. Try again, this time with a smaller account.


Gifts from Strangers

Never, ever accept flowers, small toys, little calendars or anything else from people you don’t know. Say “No” firmly and go away. It seems that this nice guy offers you a red rose just because he liked you, but that’s not actually the thing. Folks handing you flowers, trinkets, cheap bracelets, and small holy pictures expect money in return.


Learn basic Italian phrases.

You are not expected to speak Italian in Italy, but it’s always a good idea to know a few basic words.  Greeting Italians in their native language will make them smile, it is a sign of respect.  Here are some, if You liked the idea

Buon giorno – Good Day

Buona sera – Good evening
Arrivederci – Goodbye
Grazie – Thank you

Prego = You are welcome
Sì – yes
No – No

Ciao = Hello or Goodbye
Per favore -Please
Mi scusi = Excuse me
Be prepared to heat

Summers can be really, really hot in Rome, so always carry a bottle of water, a hat, and sunglasses with you. Umbrella is also an acceptable option for those who don’t want to get tanned.


Drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration and skip the walking tours in the afternoon. By the way, there are a lot of fountains with drinking water in Rome, so reusable bottle is a must in Rome, otherwise, you’ll have to pay 1.5-3 Euros for a bottle of water.

Try Italian food

Italian food is damned good. Do not limit your menu to pasta and pizza. Order from the variety of tastiest dishes that Italian restaurants offer, and yes, eat GELATO twice a day. At least once a day, it’s worth it. Most Italian restaurants have a table fee, called “Coperto” some 1-1.5 euros for each person.