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Traveler’s Fears and Frustrations

Travelling is the most exciting and desirable experience for a lot of people. They yearn for something new, they crave to explore, to remember, to enjoy, to experiment. The idea of flying over mountains and oceans, sailing through seas, conquering the new and unknown gives thrills. NO? Don’t you agree? Ahhh… those traveling fears….
Every traveler runs into some fears at least once in the lifetime. Just read our article, we have tried to make some research, why some people are travel-sick, and what the solutions can be.

The most common traveling frustration is the fear of flying. From anxiety to the horror of flying and panic attacks, this is the thing that can spoil one’s life. It doesn’t always work, but try to read a lot about airplane travel and use relaxation techniques.
Surely you have heard thousands of times that air travel is the safest mode of mass transportation. And yes, it really is. Moreover, commercial airplanes can fly safely with only one engine and can land without any at all. For overcoming the flying phobia it’s a good idea to seek psychotherapist’s help. Currently, a great number of people choose a variety of techniques offered by professionals and crush the fears once and for all. We hope you will also succeed!

Many people often ask them before the trip “What if I get homesick? What will I do without people I am used to?” This is especially tough for expats and people who are planning long-term traveling. One of the best solutions is the use of different video calls. Our information technologies era offers a huge variety of messaging and video transforming platforms choose your favorite one and keep communicating! Purchase an international travel SIM card and activate the most cost-effective internet bundle. Be careful not to be overcharged with international roaming with your local SIM card.


The fear of disaster sounds a little absurd, but there are a lot of people living with this fear, and skipping all the chances to see, explore anything new, just because they are afraid something bad will happen.
The solution for this problem lies in the admission of the fact that our own environment is not always the safest place on the planet Earth. Terror, plane crashes, fires, and earthquakes happen in every corner of the world. Being informed and choosing the right destination for traveling is sometimes the best answer.
The fear of language barriers. English speakers overcome this barrier more easily then non-speakers, just because the in most countries of the world people know and speak at least a little English. If You are afraid you will not be able to understand anything, and you will be simply lost in, say, Nepal, learn some common Nepali phrases, like greeting, common questions, appreciation phrases, and purchase a phrase-book.

Rather a significant number of people are scared to stay without connection to the internet. “What if I don’t find a free Wi-Fi there? Free Wi-Fi is surely a great option, but secure yourself purchasing a travel SIM card with affordable internet bundle. Choose one that can use your credit card, and has best tariffs for internet and calling.

Let’s discuss the gastronomic aspect of tourism. Travelling to various countries means acquaintance with different cultures, cuisines, and habits. It is essential to get informed, whether the tap water in that specific country is safe to drink or no. In any case, for safety reasons, buy bottled water to avoid digestion disorders. As regards to food, don’t avoid local food, as cuisine is also an important part of traveling, just get to know what you are eating, and always have some medications with you.


8 Underrated Cities You Should Visit

Travelling is that unique period of your life when you observe the world surrounding you from a different point of view. Choosing a travel destination can sometimes be a hard task. Each of us has dreams about a lot of cities and countries in the world, but traveling the globe is not for everyone. Well, You have visited Paris, Madrid, New York and maybe London, it’s time to choose something off the beaten road. Have a look at our list of 8 amazing yet underrated cities in the world.

 Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is more than a pretty old town, with fairy-tale cobblestone streets and epic views. Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro with breathtaking fortified walls. As you enter Boka Kotorska, you fall in love with the jaw-dropping scenery.



Make sure to walk in this medieval city and visit Church of Saint Ana (12th  century),  the Church of Saint Luke (13th century), the Church of Saint Mary (13th century) from the 13th century, the Prince’s Palace (17th century) and the Napoleon’s Theatre (19th). Kotor is also famous for its traditional manifestations like masquerades, carnivals, fisherman’s fiestas, and other cultural events for young and old

Innsbruck, Austria

This unbelievably beautiful and cozy town is tucked in the Alps and offers its visitors dramatic Alpine views, great ski resorts, impressive late-medieval architecture and fresh, fresh air. As the town is located high in the mountains, the locals use various funiculars and cable cars as transportation. For tourists, they are a perfect way to admire the city views, take amazing photos and go live on social media. There is no public WiFi at this height, so make sure you have activated your internet bundles beforehand.



One of the main attractions in Innsbruck is Altstadt von Innsbruck, the old city center. The buildings here stand for more than half a century and a promenade here will make your day. Get your chance to have a tasty coffee with freshly baked strudel in one of the cozy restaurants here.


Visit museums, cathedrals, magical Swarovski Crystal World, The Innsbruck Zoo with indigenous animals of the area. If you get tired of busy touristic areas, have rest in luscious and tranquil Hofgarten, the Garden.
Be sure, every part of this amazing Alpine city is worth visiting, so take your time and enjoy!


Nara, Japan

Another world, another universe. Those who are used to western culture and architecture will spend probably the most memorable and amazing trip in Japan. Compared to its neighbor, Kyoto, Nara has fewer visitors, though the town offers its visitors historic gems, like picturesque gardens and the oldest and biggest temples and shrines in Japan. Nara – the ancient capital of Japan, is believed to be the birthplace of Japan and hosts 8 registered World Heritage Sites.

kasuga-taisha-nara-japan Temple_Nara_Japan_Hellosim

Feeding deer is one of the most exciting experiences in Nara. These amazing animals, living side by side with locals, bow their heads to take the desired cracker from your hand!



Ghent, Belgium

Situated in Flanders region of Belgium, Ghent is truly believed to be the hidden gem of Europe. However, Ghent attracts more and more tourists year after year and opens the college town with amazing architecture to their view.


Right in the middle of the city, you will find Castle of the Counts (Gravensteen), with impressive walls and amazing views atop.
There are several quarters in the city of Ghent; most of them are out of the historical center. Make sure to visit at least Klein Begijnhof, a small historical quarter.

Ghent is a pedestrian-friendly city, so walking or cycling is the best way to explore it. While walking through the streets of Ghent you appear in a historical painting, with numerous castles, old merchant houses, cathedrals, and churches. It’s a great idea to view the houses from above and go up the Belfort tower for mesmerizing views! And again keep your internet bundles activated not to miss those unique moments!

 Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is enchanting, Essaouira is an amazing, Essaouira is a part of an Eastern fairy tale. Moroccan tourists generally prefer Fes and Marrakech, while Essaouira is a true Moroccan gem.


“Medina” or town center is colored in vibrant blue and white, attracts tourists to admire the spice-scented bazaar, taste local food, make amazing photos and buy really unique souvenirs.


The blue of the buildings seems to merge with deep blue sea making the scenery not realistic. This cozy port city hosts some of the best Moroccan hotels. Due to strong winds, Essaouira beach attracts surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers. This is the reason it earned the name “City of winds”. A trip to this unique Moroccan city gives the travelers vibes and chills which cannot be described in words, check yourself!

Puebla Mexico

Founded in 1531, at Cuetlaxcoapan area,  Puebla is a neighbor to Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes, and visitors enjoy the breathtaking views of their snowy peaks. The city is of particular interest to tourists, as it has well-preserved colonial architecture.

puebla_travel_Mexico puebla_travel_Mexico_internet_bundles

This is the reason the city was chosen as  UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some visitors consider Puebla the gastronomic capital of Mexico, so don’t miss your chance to try famous Mole poblano – a symbol of Mestizaje: the mix of Indigenous and European cultures. When in Puebla, pay a visit to Cholula, a small town a few miles away from Puebla. It is said the town has 365 churches — one for each day of the year.

Palm Springs, California

Do you need hot springs, spa therapy, luxurious hotels urgently? Welcome to Palm Springs! Already relaxed? Let’s explore Palm Springs!


Head for Joshua Tree National Park, a true oasis in the center of the desert, visit The Palm Springs Art Museum, founded in 1938, take photos of bighorn sheep, mountain lions, meerkats and more than 1,400 species of plants in The Living Desert. If you are seeking breathtaking scenery and a glance at Native American history and culture, visit the Agua Caliente tribe’s Tahquitz Canyon.

A must-visit place in Palm Springs is The Palm Springs Air Museum that hosts a unique collection of aircraft from World War II.

Cork, Ireland

After Dublin and Belfast, it’s time to visit Cork, a picturesque city in the south of Ireland, and is connected to the sea by Cork Harbour. According to the locals, Cork is the real capital of the country.


They will tell the visitors how this amazing city survived Viking rides, violence, great fire, and bloodshed. Now it is an eye-catching coastal city with a lot of sights of interests to offer to visitors. Among the most famous ones is French Early Gothic style Cathedral of St. Fin Barre’s, St. Anne’s Church where visitors can ring the bells, and admire 360° stunning views of Cork City, Crawford Art Gallery with its growing art craft collection.


Blackrock Castle Observatory is one of Cork’s must-visit places. The observatory offers fun and educational activities for families, school groups, and science enthusiasts.



The Azores

Why are the Azores on our list? Because they are the secret treasure of Europe, and a trip to the Azores is a lifetime gift for those who want to be closer to nature, inhale the emerald of epic scenery, explore and relax.


Plan the must-do activities in the Azores, and enjoy every single moment in this heaven-like archipelago. Paragliding and horse riding, hiking and diving, swimming in the hot springs, heading for various expeditions, whale-watching, surfing, and canoeing….
You will never, ever regret visiting the Azores, this stunning land in the immensity of the blue ocean, ready to be fallen in love with.

Azores_travel_HelloSIM whale_watching_Azores


Travelers’ Lifehacks: Rome

Well, next destination is Rome, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The eternal city continues to attract millions of tourists every year, and millions of tourists fall in love with this luminous megapolis. The cosmopolitan city with rich history and culture will give you a warm, hearty welcome. Check our list based on different travelers’ experience and opinions before visiting the capital of Italy, the city of seven hills, where all roads lead to.


Navigation in the city

Rome is a perfect city for walking. It is said that the city itself is a big museum, so put on comfy shoes and start exploring the eternal city. However, if you prefer transport, do not buy a lot of single-use public transport tickets. A 3-day, 7-day or 30-day pass is always a better and cheaper option.


Don’t get confused when ATM doesn’t give you out the money you want, and the transaction is rejected.  Based on travelers’ experience, most ATM-s in Rome have a limit for more than 250euro money withdrawal. Try again, this time with a smaller account.


Gifts from Strangers

Never, ever accept flowers, small toys, little calendars or anything else from people you don’t know. Say “No” firmly and go away. It seems that this nice guy offers you a red rose just because he liked you, but that’s not actually the thing. Folks handing you flowers, trinkets, cheap bracelets, and small holy pictures expect money in return.


Learn basic Italian phrases.

You are not expected to speak Italian in Italy, but it’s always a good idea to know a few basic words.  Greeting Italians in their native language will make them smile, it is a sign of respect.  Here are some, if You liked the idea

Buon giorno – Good Day

Buona sera – Good evening
Arrivederci – Goodbye
Grazie – Thank you

Prego = You are welcome
Sì – yes
No – No

Ciao = Hello or Goodbye
Per favore -Please
Mi scusi = Excuse me
Be prepared to heat

Summers can be really, really hot in Rome, so always carry a bottle of water, a hat, and sunglasses with you. Umbrella is also an acceptable option for those who don’t want to get tanned.


Drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration and skip the walking tours in the afternoon. By the way, there are a lot of fountains with drinking water in Rome, so reusable bottle is a must in Rome, otherwise, you’ll have to pay 1.5-3 Euros for a bottle of water.

Try Italian food

Italian food is damned good. Do not limit your menu to pasta and pizza. Order from the variety of tastiest dishes that Italian restaurants offer, and yes, eat GELATO twice a day. At least once a day, it’s worth it. Most Italian restaurants have a table fee, called “Coperto” some 1-1.5 euros for each person.





9 Things not to Forget When Packing for Your Vacation

Travelling is fun, traveling is full of expectations and promises for something new and unusual. But first of all, you have to pack your baggage. Packing for a vacation can be a hard task, but if you do it right, you’ll be less stressed and you’ll not forget the toothbrush. Making a list of all necessary items is what you need for a start. It will take some more time, but at the same time will ensure you do not leave anything important at home. And yes, pack about three to four days before the trip.


Take a special envelope, a foldable bag, or handbag and put your passport, credit cards, travel insurance, airline tickets and other important documents with you.


Use internal pockets of your backpack for keeping them secure.  For your security have some copies of your passport in other pockets of your luggage, and keep a digital copy on your smartphone.

Season’s essentials

Depending on a season, take essentials for that particular time of the year. For example swimming suit, sun protection lotion and beach hat for summer, scarf, gloves, thermals for winter.


Before leaving check the weather conditions for that country, read other traveler’s remarks about the weather so as not to forget umbrella and raincoat for rainy weather.


Modern people can’t imagine their life without portable electronics: smartphones, iPods, cameras, laptops. During the trip be careful not to damage those valuable gadgets, keep them in cases, don’t leave them without attendance in public.



Have some charger adapters for your electronics, as different countries have different plugs and not the same voltage. Have a portable power bank with you, probably it is the most important essential in your travel list if you want to have a fully charged smartphone and never miss a valuable moment while traveling.

Travel SIM card

No one wants to waste loads of money on expensive international roaming. Buying a local SIM card is a good option, but sometimes local internet and calling rates are more expensive than some travel SIM cards offer. Very often buying a local SIM means wasting time, especially when you do not know local language or when purchase requires local documentation. HelloSIM travel SIM card is a good choice, as offers great internet packages and low rates for calling and SMS with worldwide coverage.



If you need certain drugs for periodic use, you’d better take them with you, and not rely on buying them abroad. In any case, check beforehand if you are allowed to cross the border with them, and have doctor’s prescription with you.



Mosquito repellent and nets

There are countries, where mosquito repellents can save your trip from itching, tropical diseases and stressed nights. Before buying the spray check the volume of aerosol you are allowed to carry in your baggage, and instead of one large one, take two small. Bite cream is an essential in your traveling kit, too.



Airplane comfort essentials

When you have long flights, it’s absolutely necessary to take earplugs, inflatable pillows, sleeping masks and headphones with you. Taking your favorite book is also a great idea, or maybe the laptop to work a bit. Experienced travelers prefer to have some snacks in the airplane, so as not to buy expensive airplane snacks when hungry.


What NOT to Take

Before leaving, check the airport list for prohibited items. For the safety of all passengers, every airline has a list of banned items too. In most cases the list includes sharp, cutting items like knife and scissors. Limit your liquids, instead of big bottles, take ones which do not exceed 100ml. Don’t put aerosols in your hand luggage, they will not be allowed on board, there are considered to be easily flammable. Very often you will not be allowed to carry lithium-ion batteries powered devices with you.  Camping equipment such as stoves, explosives, and fuel canisters are never allowed, even if they are sealed and unused.




Santas in Swimming Suits

Typical Christmas scenario: Fire is singing in the fireplace, family members gather near brightly decorated Christmas table, children in warm woven socks drink hot chocolate and watch large snowflakes falling from chilly winter air… But the Christmas mood warmth is not enough to love the cold outside, so who wants a scenario change? You are lying on a sunny beach, the huge waves of the sea kiss your feet, and you feel the warmth of the dazzling sun, but it is December! Liked it? Then you should choose a hot Christmas vacation this year! Where to go? Mmmm… maybe Australia? The Canary Islands? Thailand? Have a look at our list!

The Canary Islands
Average temperature in December – 66 °F

Stretched on gorgeous beaches in the Atlantic off the North African coast, the Canary Islands offer outstanding holiday experiences. Year-round sun, stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes and lively nightlife attract more visitors year after year.

A travel to the Canaries is very exciting, and a travel at festive season adds a bit of extravagance and unusual emotions to the whole trip.
Just like the rest of the world, the Canary Islands have their special traditions for Christmas. People celebrate and have fun on all islands with a diverse array of bars, parties, clubs, and entertainment. Whatever island you choose, be sure, you’ll have an unforgettable Christmas so different from ones we are used to.

Sidney, Australia
Average temperature in December – 72 °F


Skip cold, ice, snow and mud, and head to Australia, to have a bright, memorable, warm and sunny Christmas!
Start the Christmas morning on the beach, sunbathing and enjoying the warm and clear water and arrange an outdoor barbeque! Koalas and kangaroos have come to replace reindeers and Santa, though on Australian beaches you will meet plenty of Santas in special Christmas swimming suits.

Bangkok, Thailand
Average temperature in December – 75°F

Tired of tasting the same Christmas turkey every year? Change your habits, try Tom Yum Goong- a Spicy Shrimp Soup or Gaeng Daeng – Red Curry. Perhaps it’s the harmony of sweet, sour and spicy, that makes Thai food so amazing. If you are a fan of traditional Christmas dinner, you can still have it, as most of the hotels in Thailand arrange traditional Christmas Eve dinners for their visitors.


Thailand, known as “The country of smiles” Offers its visitors to explore amazing wildlife, Buddhist temples, and of course, enjoy loads of sunshine. This Christmas promises to become one of the most memorable ones, so take your chance!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Average temperature in December – 77 °F

Sorry Santa, no milk and biscuits for you this year. We are leaving for Brazil!
Dive in the endless sunshine as you create the brightest holiday memories. Meet sun-kissed beaches and lively nightlife, visit the famous Amazon rainforest.

Most of the Brazilian traditions come from Portugal, and Christmas Christmas plays called “The Shepherds” is one of them. Many people, mostly Catholics, attend a Midnight Mass service, which lasts till 1 a.m, after the mass, there is a gorgeous fireworks show. As Brazil population is a mix of different nations, the visitor can find all the cuisines, all the celebrations from around the world here in Brazil!

Average temperature in December – 77 °F

Talking about Christmas celebrations it is hard to imagine sunbathing at endless turquoise-hued sea, but it’s worth trying! Hawaii offers more than just gorgeous beaches – travelers find holiday craft fairs, Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, and festive parades. Learn surfing, snorkeling, y kayak and get your stunning Hawaii suntan. A trip to Hawaii at Christmas is a gift from Santa, which will be long remembered.


Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Average temperature in December – 68 °F

Sharm el-Sheikh has become a popular destination for Christmas holidays thanks to its luxurious, yet affordable hotels, outstanding beaches, perfect weather and the diversity of sights that offers this ancient country.

Order a tour to Pharaoh’s Island, ride on the back of a camel, head to Blue Hole, an exciting place for snorkeling and diving, which is located 10 kilometers north of Dahab. Enjoy your holidays, and bring a piece of Egypt’s sun back to winter in your homeland.

Wherever you travel, whichever country you choose, don’t forget to take HelloSIM travel SIM card with you, it will make your travel perfect and hassle-free!


Traveller’s Lifehacks: Paris

Paris – the city of love and romance, extremely beautiful, extremely romantic, but at the same time so trying and callous. Explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world based on the experience of thousands of travelers. Follow the tips listed here, and save your time and travel smart.

Travel on Metro, by bus, RER

Buying a city travel card is a great option, as it gives opportunity not only use several types of public transport but also is an entrance ticket to the majority of museums and sights, where entrance pass is needed.

Paris Metro is one of the best options for travelers, the navigation is clearly explained with the multicolored system of 16 lines, approximately 300 stops, running underneath Paris.paris_transport

Paris bus system is another good option, especially if your hotel is far from the city center and there is a bus stop near it. Buses have one very cool advantage: basically, you are having a city tour while traveling from one place to another.

Besides Metro and buses, there are also RER and of course, taxis. RER is often confused with metro, but they cover a wider area and have fewer lines.

Naturally, taxis are more comfortable and therefore, more expensive. There are taxis 24 hours a day, and there are services you can order beforehand, from your home country. Taxi applications like UBER also work in Paris.


Paris – gastronomical city

Paris is believed to be one of the culinary capitals of the world. There are so many things worth trying in Paris, that for a week or fortnight travel you’d better have a prioritized list. If you are a budget traveler, remember that takeaways are always cheaper than have-ins.

escargots Duck_confit

Try seafood at Le CrabeMarteau or La Mascotte,  order a cheese plate or cheese fondue at Astier, Duck confit at  La Fontaine de Mars. Buy a box of macarons at Ladurée, Gerard Mulot or Carette, and enjoy them after an evening Paris tour.

There comes the quintessential pastry of France, croissant! Enjoy them seated in outside cafes thus adding a special charm to the whole process.

Tip: Buying croissants, don’t forget Parisian éclairs and Street-stand crêpes, they are heavenly delicious.eclairs_905 Best-Crepes-From-paris


Watch out for thieves and tricksters

Paris as one of the most famous cities in the world not only attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world but also robbers, pick-pocketers, and tricksters.


To avoid unpleasant incidents, take only the very necessary things with you, leave the valuables and the rest in the hotel safe.

You will most probably get pickpocketed at the major tourist sites: like the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Notre Dame, Louvre etc. Be careful to your backpacks, purses, and cameras, do not leave them on the benches, always carry them on you.

Never, ever try to involve in street games organized mainly by gypsies, don’t try to guess in which cup is the stone or penny, you’re gonna lose

Stay  Connected

We would suggest not to count on Paris Wi-Fi, as actually, there are not so many places with free Wi-Fi in Paris. You can use WI-FI in the hotel, though not all hotels have Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms. So you’d better consider two option: try to get a local SIM card in Paris, and buy a travel SIM card beforehand. travel_SIM_card

The second option is better as the price is going to be the same, but you will have guaranteed communication as soon as you get off the airplane. Besides, there is another advantage for travelers who are going to travel several European countries. The travel SIM card will work for all of them.

HelloSIM travel SIM card is a good choice, as offers low calling rates and affordable internet packages.


Avoid the long lines

If you are in Paris for a few days, you’d want to see as much of Paris museums, as possible. The best option is to buy a Paris Museum Pass for combined museums. It offers access to more than 60 most famous museums and sights and allows you to avoid the long ticket queues.

Buying online tickets beforehand is another great option. The longest lines in Paris are for Louvre and Eiffel Tower. The Line for Louvre is moving slowly, while the queue at Notre Dame moves faster. If you are not going with an organized tour, you cannot avoid Notre Dame entrance queue, even if you have Paris Museum Pass. The entrance is free, but it will not give any priority, you’ll have to wait with all the rest in a boring and long line.


The best option for Louvre is to have a prioritized entry or a guided tour, especially if you are on a short visit in Paris. If you do not mind waiting, at least take the Porte des Lions entrance, Visit Louvre on Wednesday or Friday evening, it closes 9 45 p.m. that day.

As a conclusion: just follow our tips, be careful and enjoy your stay in this amazing, charming city of lights. Explore the history, visit museums, go for long walks in epic Parisian streets, take the most from one of the greatest cities in the world!


The 5 Most Magical Cities for Christmas

The streets sparkle in Christmas cheer, the ringing of the bells and carols break into the chilly winter air. Christmas is the time of great expectations, hopes, and magic.  It’s time to plan the holidays, to enjoy every single moment of the most enchanting time of the year, Christmas.

Nowadays more and more people break the habit of staying home and head to different parts of the globe to meet new, unusual Christmas traditions.

Actually, travelers prefer snowy-shiny-sparkling cities to warm seas, though Santas in swimming suits have already become a kind of a tradition on warm beaches of Florida, Thailand, Australia, or the Maldives.

For those who prefer old-school Christmas traditions, here is the list of cities which boast the most traditional, magical, and snowy Christmas.

Lapland, Finland

Start a fairytale journey to experience the most magical and enchanting Christmas in Santa’s homeland.  Feel the magic of Christmas in Lapland, ride a snowmobile, visit Santa and his graceful reindeers, try a reindeer-pulled sleigh ride and bring back the most inspiring memories.

Christmas-in-lapland-730x410 (1)

Finns seem to enjoy a real Nordic Christmas with a lot of snow, white landscape and dancing Northern Lights. Finnish people mostly celebrate Christmas on its eve with the family and visit friends and relatives the next day. The Christmas Eve is the day of presents, family reunions, songs, and celebrations, the time when they drink glögi – a spicey mulled wine, served hot with raisins and almonds.


Visiting a Finnish Sauna is another Christmas tradition for Finns. If you have traveled half the world to visit Santa, you’ll have to head for a small town Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle. Here you can personally ask Santa for anything you want. Make a wish!

Salzburg, Austria

At Christmas, the birthplace of Mozart wears the most magical Christmas lights ever. Travelers are amazed to discover one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world in this small, but extremely cozy and luminous town in Austria.salzburg-austria_Christmas

On Christmas Day, the cold winter air is filled with the awesome aroma of mulled wine fascinating gingerbread cookies, baked apples with cinnamon and Christmas carols. By the way, Salzburg is the place where “Silent Night, Holy Night” was first performed. While in Salzburg, visit Hohensalzburg Fortress, high above the rooftops of the city, the Mozart museums, the Getreidegasse, the heart of Salzburg’s Old City and Hellbrunn Palace.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Celebrate Christmas in one of the most magical and enchanting snowy cities in the world – Reykjavik.


Enjoy the warmest feelings in one of the coldest and snowy cities in the world, enchanting, sparkling  Reykjavik. On New Year Eve, Reykjavik is lit up with the bonfires and the skies boast with the most beautiful fireworks. Reykjavik tour agencies offer various Christmas tours to foreigners, but renting a vehicle and exploring the city by yourself is also a good idea. You will simply have to activate internet bundles of your travel sim card and turn on navigation applications. Drive, and enjoy the magical Iceland scenery!

New York, USA

New York is one of the festive destinations for Christmas. The huge megapolis turns into a holiday wonderland, and offers its visitors to experience the magic of Christmas!

A week or even two is not enough to capture all the wonders of festive New York, but try not to miss some of the most important ones, like Bryant Park Winter Village, with its  17,000-square-foot ice-skating rink,  shopping boots, and food-sellers which announce the start of the Christmas season. The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is a must-see, seriously.


There is not anything more awesome than the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lit up with thousands of lights at night. Hear Christmas carols at Carnegie Hall, try delicious treats at Rolf’s, admire famous  Fifth Avenue with its dazzling window displays, especially Bergdorf Goodman, shop at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market. Take a travel sim card with you, so as to have internet access in NY, this will ensure you won’t get lost in this huge city.

Each Year Christmas in New York is more magical than the previous one, so don’t miss the next!


Quebec, Canada

Christmas comes to Quebec in the beginning of December with sparkling displays, lots of snow and joy. Quebec holiday tables boast with the diversity of delicious dishes, like roasted turkey, savory meat pie, ragoût de boulettes and pâté chinois.


At Christmas, old Quebec turns into a magical village, lost in lights, fluffy hills of snow, singing, and cheers! Here you will feel the real European charm of a German Christmas Market, complete with wooden kiosks, in the very heart of Old Québec. Old World traditions and modern culture create an outstanding mix of Christmas spirit in this cold, yet so warm city!