5 Most Visited February Destinations

Longing for a vacation in February? We have compiled a list of February destinations worth visiting. Some of them boast with sunshine and sandy beaches, the others offer enchanting snowfall and winter magic.

Rio de Janeiro

When we search the web for February events, Rio de Janeiro Carnival tops the list. Rio de Janeiro is, without any doubt, the most mesmerizing city in South America, and if you have managed to visit Rio in February, especially for Carnival, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Though Rio de Janeiro is a dream destination for millions of people, and it has become much safer now, than it was ten years ago, the festival attracts not only tourists, but also criminals, robbers, and tricksters.
Tip: Always have charged and functioning phone with you, activate your roaming to be able to call at any time, or, which is even better, get a travel SIM card beforehand so as always to be connected with friends, family, and call the police if necessary.
This year the great show officially started on 9th of February with the Rio’s outstanding samba schools in the Sambadrome stadium.
It is hard to describe Rio’s biggest party; we’d better show some memorable moments.

Rio_Carnival Rio_Carnival Rio_Carnival Rio_Carnival

Maui, Hawaii
Travelers granted Maui the title of “the best island in the world”, and it is truly considered one of the top destinations for especially honeymooners as one of the best places in the world to get married. Maui wedding planners and coordinators offer amazing wedding ideas and plan the big day in all details.
The valley island hosts luxurious resorts and stunning beaches, recreation and entertainment centers. Well, the destination is chosen: Maui, and the next step is to find out what to do in Maui?

Maui Hawai

Best way to explore and admire Maui and Hawaii, in general, is to take a helicopter tour, as there are places of unbelievable beauty, which are inaccessible and can be viewed from above.
Another memorable experience is the whale watching cruise. The cruise usually takes two hours and becomes one of the brightest memories from Maui vacation. Visit Haleakala Crater for breathtaking views and epic sunrise, have an outstanding experience snorkeling with extraordinary fishes and turtles, visit museums, churches, and cathedrals. If only it was possible to bring a piece of Hawaiian sunshine with us….

Maui Hawaii



Another February destination for sunshine seekers is Curacao, the hidden gem of the Caribbean.
Curacao is a mosaic of many-faced culture: African, Latin, European, Caribbean.
Being a Dutch colony once, Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao boasts a number of candy-colored buildings.

Museum Kura Hulanda in Willemstad exhibits the history of slavery and is without any doubt one of the most intriguing museums in the world.
Cruising in the crystal-clear waters of Curaçao, sunbathing on white powder-like sands of Curacao beaches, strolling in the old town of Willemstad, which is a Unesco World Heritage site, taking helicopter tours… this is not the complete list of must-dos in Curaçao.

Park City
Situated high in the Wasatch Mountains, once mining town – Park City, in the state of Utah, differs from any other skiing resort in the world. This epic mountain town is 35-minutes away from Salt Lake City International Airport.
In 2002, Park City hosted winter Olympic Games. Here skiing lovers will find from gentle slopes for beginners to world-class terrains for professionals.

Park City offers a number of fun activities for families, like a zip line, amazing Adventure Zone and one of the longest alpine slides of the world. Another great experience is hot –air balloon ride.


Beijing, China
China celebrated Spring Festival in February, so if you are eager to feel authentic Chinese culture and traditions, consider China as one of the best February destinations. Activate your China internet bundle from HelloSIM to be able to capture and share all the beauty of this great Asian event.

The Festival is the biggest event in country’s life, it is a time for family reunions and shiny festivities.
According to Chinese lunar calendar, Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, begins with the New Moon and ends on the Full Moon- the day of Lantern Festival.
The Spring Festival carnivals take place at this time of the year. Holiday atmosphere is everywhere, the country is shining and glittering in lights, tables are full of traditional food, people celebrate the end of winter and old year, and greet spring, the new year.

Spring_Festival_China Beijing_China

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