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From MVNO to MVNE: New
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From MVNO to MVNE: New
Case Study

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Places on Planet Earth, which You Should Visit Before Dying

Life is a summary of memories, experiences, and impressions. The man collects the puzzle of his life, putting the particles one by one. The brighter the memories, the more beautiful the picture is. Well, why did we start our article in philosophy mood? This is because we want to show you some places on our planet Earth, which can become the brightest particles for our life-puzzle.


How to save on mobile roaming while traveling?

Staying connected can double your traveling costs and may even cost you more than your flight if you stay on roaming. But fortunately, in the modern world, there are other alternatives out there that will reduce your costs and save you from bill-shocks.

You don’t need to pay high-cost data roaming when abroad. So, what to do and how to get connected to the internet when you are traveling. The first thing that comes to your mind is a public Wi-Fi hotspot. But are they worth it?


Travel Tips and Lifehacks - Barcelona

Barcelona is, without any doubt, on the bucket list of hundreds of thousands in people in the world. Barcelona appeals travelers with its beaches, sun, food, nightlife, and cultural heritage. A trip to Barcelona should be perfect, exciting, memorable full of new sensations, emotions, and amazing photos.


Common Mistakes of First-Time Travelers

If every traveler decided to write about the mistakes made during the trips, we would have tons of funny, scary, amusing and touchy stories. Digital world nowadays gives us the opportunity to share those stories , to share experience, help each other and become a smarter traveler- based on another traveler’s experience. So we decided to share some tips and tricks of a smart traveler, and made a list of travelers' mistakes, that people usually make on their first trip.


Where to Go for Easter Holidays?

Easter holiday colors the entire Christian world into bright, vivid colors, announces the arrival of Spring, brings hope and light. Even though Easter is considered a family holiday, many families prefer to spend it abroad, get to know traditions and customs of other nations, and take part in Easter observances. We have compiled a list of countries for Easter travel, where Easter traditions are so amazingly beautiful, bright, and of course different. Travel with us, let’s start.


March Destinations: Celebrate Spring!

March is not usually considered a holiday month but, there are destinations on the globe that are attractive for tourists, and March is a perfect month to head for those alluring locations. After snowy and cold winter, when spring blooms, travelers start packing for sun and leisure. Many festivals and major events and take place at the beginning of the Spring, to celebrate the awakening of nature and new life.
To help our readers to find absolutely perfect places for March travels, we’ve listed some of the most vibrant and warm places, so go ahead and choose yours!


Tips for Travelers: Athens

Greece, and particularly Athens, is for sure on the bucket list of the majority of travelers. And we think it’s worth it. It’s an exciting experience for every traveler to step on the land of gods, legends, and myths. Every single minute and second is precious in this unbelievably beautiful city, so plan well before taking off. We have made a list of several Athens tips, must-dos, and hacks for you to consider before heading to the cradle of civilization.


The Evolution of SIM Cards

Since 1991 when Giesecke and Devrient supplied the first commercial SIM card to a Finish Network Operator, these cards have evolved from simple mobile phone cards to IoT devices. Today over 7 billion devices connect to cellular networks around the world. The rise of IoT and 5G network is predicted to drive the growth from $6.5 billion in revenue to $20 billion by 2020. Embedded SIM (eSIM) and Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) is increasingly disrupting the traditional market of SIM cards.


PortaSwitch Gives G-Mobile Flexibility to Become a Cross-Border MVNE

G-Mobile creates one-of-a-kind bespoke MVNE infrastructure with PortaBilling® B/OSS at its core
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 2, 2018, /PRNewswire/ — With the increase in global travel, the need for international SIM cards — those small, swappable cards that allow smartphones and other mobile devices to operate properly outside of their home countries — is growing


What is a Travel SIM Card and Why Do You Need It?

Travel SIM card is also called “travel SIM” “data SIM card”, “roaming card” “international SIM card” or sometimes a “global SIM card”. They are either prepaid SIM cards or cards with pay as you go plans, they can be for a specific country or have a wide coverage of different countries.


Celebrate Love: 7 Getaways for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, shops burst in plush hearts, teddies, balloons, chocolates and love cards. Couples book romantic dinners in restaurants, prepare proposal speeches, buy rings and make traveling plans. Which is the most romantic city in the world? Paris? Venice? New York? Check our list of love cities, choose your destination and may love always be with you!


5 Most Visited February Destinations

Longing for a vacation in February? We have compiled a list of February destinations worth visiting. Some of them boast with sunshine and sandy beaches, the others offer enchanting snowfall and winter magic.

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