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HelloSIM - Goodbye roaming charges!

Cheap calls and data in 200+ countries!

Why HelloSIM?

For Tourists

  • Enjoy a hassle-free start to your vacation
  • Save on roaming charges
  • Share your travel experiences with loved ones
  • Remain connected with your friends and family
  • Travel with ease

For business travellers

  • Stay connected wherever you go
  • Save time on purchasing local SIM cards
  • Focus on your work, and let us focus on your service
  • Enjoy fast, high-quality mobile service
  • Keep in touch with partners and clients

How does it work?

Our Service

HelloSIM is an international SIM card, which guarantees access to quality services in more than 200 countries. HelloSIM international SIM cards are available in three sizes – Standard, Micro, and Nano to suit the mobile phone that you are using. With the HelloSIM prepaid international SIM card, travelers can enjoy free incoming calls in selected countries and cheaper outgoing calls across the globe.

Incredible Rates!

HelloSIM offers cheaper rates compared with other international SIM cards, without compromising the quality. Choose from a wide range of services, including calls, data, SMS and other mobile services. We also offer a 24-hour support service, not to mention a very easy top-up service, granting users a hassle-free travel experience. Now you can focus on your travels instead of stressing over mobile service and roaming charges.