Eight underrated cities in the world you should visit

8 Underrated Cities You Should Visit

Travelling is that unique period of your life when you observe the world surrounding you from a different point of view. Choosing a travel destination can sometimes be a hard task. Each of us has dreams about a lot of cities and countries in the world, but traveling the globe is not for everyone. Well, You have visited Paris, Madrid, New York and maybe London, it’s time to choose something off the beaten road. Have a look at our list of 8 amazing yet underrated cities in the world.

 Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is more than a pretty old town, with fairy-tale cobblestone streets and epic views. Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro with breathtaking fortified walls. As you enter Boka Kotorska, you fall in love with the jaw-dropping scenery.



Make sure to walk in this medieval city and visit Church of Saint Ana (12th  century),  the Church of Saint Luke (13th century), the Church of Saint Mary (13th century) from the 13th century, the Prince’s Palace (17th century) and the Napoleon’s Theatre (19th). Kotor is also famous for its traditional manifestations like masquerades, carnivals, fisherman’s fiestas, and other cultural events for young and old

Innsbruck, Austria

This unbelievably beautiful and cozy town is tucked in the Alps and offers its visitors dramatic Alpine views, great ski resorts, impressive late-medieval architecture and fresh, fresh air. As the town is located high in the mountains, the locals use various funiculars and cable cars as transportation. For tourists, they are a perfect way to admire the city views, take amazing photos and go live on social media. There is no public WiFi at this height, so make sure you have activated your internet bundles beforehand.



One of the main attractions in Innsbruck is Altstadt von Innsbruck, the old city center. The buildings here stand for more than half a century and a promenade here will make your day. Get your chance to have a tasty coffee with freshly baked strudel in one of the cozy restaurants here.


Visit museums, cathedrals, magical Swarovski Crystal World, The Innsbruck Zoo with indigenous animals of the area. If you get tired of busy touristic areas, have rest in luscious and tranquil Hofgarten, the Garden.
Be sure, every part of this amazing Alpine city is worth visiting, so take your time and enjoy!


Nara, Japan

Another world, another universe. Those who are used to western culture and architecture will spend probably the most memorable and amazing trip in Japan. Compared to its neighbor, Kyoto, Nara has fewer visitors, though the town offers its visitors historic gems, like picturesque gardens and the oldest and biggest temples and shrines in Japan. Nara – the ancient capital of Japan, is believed to be the birthplace of Japan and hosts 8 registered World Heritage Sites.

kasuga-taisha-nara-japan Temple_Nara_Japan_Hellosim

Feeding deer is one of the most exciting experiences in Nara. These amazing animals, living side by side with locals, bow their heads to take the desired cracker from your hand!



Ghent, Belgium

Situated in Flanders region of Belgium, Ghent is truly believed to be the hidden gem of Europe. However, Ghent attracts more and more tourists year after year and opens the college town with amazing architecture to their view.


Right in the middle of the city, you will find Castle of the Counts (Gravensteen), with impressive walls and amazing views atop.
There are several quarters in the city of Ghent; most of them are out of the historical center. Make sure to visit at least Klein Begijnhof, a small historical quarter.

Ghent is a pedestrian-friendly city, so walking or cycling is the best way to explore it. While walking through the streets of Ghent you appear in a historical painting, with numerous castles, old merchant houses, cathedrals, and churches. It’s a great idea to view the houses from above and go up the Belfort tower for mesmerizing views! And again keep your internet bundles activated not to miss those unique moments!

 Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is enchanting, Essaouira is an amazing, Essaouira is a part of an Eastern fairy tale. Moroccan tourists generally prefer Fes and Marrakech, while Essaouira is a true Moroccan gem.


“Medina” or town center is colored in vibrant blue and white, attracts tourists to admire the spice-scented bazaar, taste local food, make amazing photos and buy really unique souvenirs.


The blue of the buildings seems to merge with deep blue sea making the scenery not realistic. This cozy port city hosts some of the best Moroccan hotels. Due to strong winds, Essaouira beach attracts surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers. This is the reason it earned the name “City of winds”. A trip to this unique Moroccan city gives the travelers vibes and chills which cannot be described in words, check yourself!

Puebla Mexico

Founded in 1531, at Cuetlaxcoapan area,  Puebla is a neighbor to Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes, and visitors enjoy the breathtaking views of their snowy peaks. The city is of particular interest to tourists, as it has well-preserved colonial architecture.

puebla_travel_Mexico puebla_travel_Mexico_internet_bundles

This is the reason the city was chosen as  UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some visitors consider Puebla the gastronomic capital of Mexico, so don’t miss your chance to try famous Mole poblano – a symbol of Mestizaje: the mix of Indigenous and European cultures. When in Puebla, pay a visit to Cholula, a small town a few miles away from Puebla. It is said the town has 365 churches — one for each day of the year.

Palm Springs, California

Do you need hot springs, spa therapy, luxurious hotels urgently? Welcome to Palm Springs! Already relaxed? Let’s explore Palm Springs!


Head for Joshua Tree National Park, a true oasis in the center of the desert, visit The Palm Springs Art Museum, founded in 1938, take photos of bighorn sheep, mountain lions, meerkats and more than 1,400 species of plants in The Living Desert. If you are seeking breathtaking scenery and a glance at Native American history and culture, visit the Agua Caliente tribe’s Tahquitz Canyon.

A must-visit place in Palm Springs is The Palm Springs Air Museum that hosts a unique collection of aircraft from World War II.

Cork, Ireland

After Dublin and Belfast, it’s time to visit Cork, a picturesque city in the south of Ireland, and is connected to the sea by Cork Harbour. According to the locals, Cork is the real capital of the country.


They will tell the visitors how this amazing city survived Viking rides, violence, great fire, and bloodshed. Now it is an eye-catching coastal city with a lot of sights of interests to offer to visitors. Among the most famous ones is French Early Gothic style Cathedral of St. Fin Barre’s, St. Anne’s Church where visitors can ring the bells, and admire 360° stunning views of Cork City, Crawford Art Gallery with its growing art craft collection.


Blackrock Castle Observatory is one of Cork’s must-visit places. The observatory offers fun and educational activities for families, school groups, and science enthusiasts.



The Azores

Why are the Azores on our list? Because they are the secret treasure of Europe, and a trip to the Azores is a lifetime gift for those who want to be closer to nature, inhale the emerald of epic scenery, explore and relax.


Plan the must-do activities in the Azores, and enjoy every single moment in this heaven-like archipelago. Paragliding and horse riding, hiking and diving, swimming in the hot springs, heading for various expeditions, whale-watching, surfing, and canoeing….
You will never, ever regret visiting the Azores, this stunning land in the immensity of the blue ocean, ready to be fallen in love with.

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