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5 Most Visited February Destinations

Longing for a vacation in February? We have compiled a list of February destinations worth visiting. Some of them boast with sunshine and sandy beaches, the others offer enchanting snowfall and winter magic. Rio de Janeiro When we search the web for February events, Rio de Janeiro Carnival tops the list. Rio de Janeiro is, […]


Why You Should Avoid Public Wi-Fi

While making the traveling to-do list, some people prefer to skip “Buy international travel SIM card” part, hoping for free public Wi-Fi connection in the destination country. Free Wi-Fi sounds great, but let us decide, is it really worth the hassle? In the modern world, cybersecurity is a global challenge, it is not only an […]


Traveler’s Fears and Frustrations

Travelling is the most exciting and desirable experience for a lot of people. They yearn for something new, they crave to explore, to remember, to enjoy, to experiment. The idea of flying over mountains and oceans, sailing through seas, conquering the new and unknown gives thrills. NO? Don’t you agree? Ahhh… those traveling fears…. Every […]


8 Underrated Cities You Should Visit

Travelling is that unique period of your life when you observe the world surrounding you from a different point of view. Choosing a travel destination can sometimes be a hard task. Each of us has dreams about a lot of cities and countries in the world, but traveling the globe is not for everyone. Well, You […]


Travelers’ Lifehacks: Rome

Well, next destination is Rome, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The eternal city continues to attract millions of tourists every year, and millions of tourists fall in love with this luminous megapolis. The cosmopolitan city with rich history and culture will give you a warm, hearty welcome. Check our list based on […]


9 Things not to Forget When Packing for Your Vacation

Travelling is fun, traveling is full of expectations and promises for something new and unusual. But first of all, you have to pack your baggage. Packing for a vacation can be a hard task, but if you do it right, you’ll be less stressed and you’ll not forget the toothbrush. Making a list of all […]


Santas in Swimming Suits

Typical Christmas scenario: Fire is singing in the fireplace, family members gather near brightly decorated Christmas table, children in warm woven socks drink hot chocolate and watch large snowflakes falling from chilly winter air… But the Christmas mood warmth is not enough to love the cold outside, so who wants a scenario change? You are […]


Traveller’s Lifehacks: Paris

Paris – the city of love and romance, extremely beautiful, extremely romantic, but at the same time so trying and callous. Explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world based on the experience of thousands of travelers. Follow the tips listed here, and save your time and travel smart. Travel on Metro, by […]


The 5 Most Magical Cities for Christmas

The streets sparkle in Christmas cheer, the ringing of the bells and carols break into the chilly winter air. Christmas is the time of great expectations, hopes, and magic.  It’s time to plan the holidays, to enjoy every single moment of the most enchanting time of the year, Christmas. Nowadays more and more people break […]