Services - HelloSim Travel SIM Card

Using your phone abroad just got easier with our HelloSIM international prepaid SIM card. Not only that, but you can also save a lot of money, since our data roaming charges are only a fraction of what you pay for regular SIM card data services.

Standard roaming charges are approximately 10 times higher compared with our rates. However, quality is not compromised, as shown by our growing customer base.

We extend our service to about 200 different countries, providing data, SMS and voice features to our customers. Our HelloSIM international pre-paid sim card is available in three modes – Standard, Micro and Nano to suit the mobile phone that you are using.

Our cost effective data plans allow you to access internet from a range of different devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can also reach out to our customer support to solve any issue. Since our customer support service works for 24 hours a day, don’t hesitate to call/send an e-mail at any hour. At HelloSIM, we offer a completely transparent service, which guarantees that customers will not face any hidden costs.

Also, our easy-to-use top-up service allows you to top-up your balance wherever you go. Services are shown below.


Call Me Back

Don’t let a low balance prevent you from staying connected with those who matter. Even if your phone balance is approaching to zero, let the person know you want to talk via the “Call Back” request. Place the request, wait for the user to receive and call you back. The code is *115* [international dialing format] # and OK for initiating call me back service.


Receive a Call

Answer incoming calls as you normally would. Check the coverage for free incoming calls and speak even if your balance is close to zero (see Call Me Back).


Make a Call

Outgoing calls of international SIM cards work on the principle of “callback”. Make international dialing number call and wait for incoming call. Pick up and wait to be connected.


Call Waiting

The “Call Waiting” option is activated by default during a second incoming call. This allows the user to place the first call on hold, and pick the second one up with ease.


Data Packages

HelloSIM provides two types of data packages – Universal and Data. The Universal package offers you SMS, data and voice call services for a specific period. Once expired, the data package still gives you the opportunity to buy data and MB.


Use Data

With HelloSIM, data roaming charges are a fraction of the cost for regular SIM card data services. To check data usage, simply dial *121# and OK.

Opt for data services to enjoy quick and easy internet connection – perfect when you are on the move!

To deactivate the data package, dial *121*0# and OK. Likewise dial *121*1 # and OK for activation.


Send Cheap SMS

Visit the HelloSIM menu to send cheap text messages.


Receive SMS

Receive text messages as you normally would. It is free of charge worldwide.


Send SMS

Send texts as you normally would.


Balance Transfer

To transfer money to another user, please dial the following: *105*[international dialing number] * [transferring sum] # and OK.


Check Balance

Dial *100# and OK to check the remaining balance on your account.


Check My Phone Number

Dial *101# and OK to check your mobile number.