Places on Planet Earth, which You Should Visit Before Dying

Life is a summary of memories, experiences, and impressions. The man collects the puzzle of his life, putting the particles one by one. The brighter the memories, the more beautiful the picture is. Well, why did we start our article in philosophy mood? This is because we want to show you some places on our planet Earth, which can become the brightest particles for our life-puzzle.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan city, located high in the Andes mountains was founded in the 15th century.


This mysterious and spectacular archeological site attracts millions of tourists every year. The huge blocks of stones form temples,  walls, and terraces, and no mortar was used to build them. The “lost city” is built in the refined style of Incan architecture, with amazing precise lines and it seems as though no human hand touched those buildings.

 Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China


One of the most stunning views in the world is Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China. The multi-colored sandstone makes the hills an artwork, a piece of unreal beauty. Red, blue, green and yellow stripes of sand look different depending on weather, and each time unbelievably beautiful.  The place was listed as World Heritage Site in 2010.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


o, no, it is not a Photoshop effect, this is a huge natural mirror! This is the largest salt flat in the world, located in southern Bolivia. Once a prehistoric salt lake, it occupies 10,582 square kilometers.  Covered with glittering salt particles, Salar de Uyuni reflects even the clouds above. A tour to this amazing spot will ensure not only unforgettable emotion but also heavenly beautiful photos. Make sure you have data SIM card with you to share this amazing views with the entire world!

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Are you a photographer? Do you crave for new, striking, unreal photos? Well, book a flight ticket to Japan, start packing and get your travel SIM card ready. You are going to visit Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan. All year round the park is covered with a sea of flowers, which provide a spectacular view especially from above. The most extravagant part of the park is formed with lines of Kochias, which change their color from emerald green to purplish red depending on the season.

Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan


As you are already in Japan, don’t hurry to leave this amazing country, we have one more fairytale place for you: Sagano Bamboo Forest, a tranquil, alien place where you feel yourself in an adventure movie. The feelings you have standing amidst this up to 30 meters high bamboo plants cannot be described in words, and no picture can show those sensations. This is a fantasy world full of alien sounds of swaying stalks, governmentally recognized as one of the hundred protected sights of Japan.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Next destination is a unique natural wonder, as it is the largest living structure on the planet Earth. Great Barrier Reef stretches for more than  2000 km down the coast of Queensland. It’s home to the world’s most diverse coral reef ecosystem. Swimming with multicolored fishes, turtles and admiring the mesmerizing colors of the underwater world is an experience to be long remembered and cherished. A helicopter ride above the islands and crystal clear waters is another breathtaking experience.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA


Antelope Canyon in the state of Arizona is one of the most photographed places in the entire world. The amazing rock curves, lit by sunbeams at special hours of the day attract photographers from all over the world. The Canyon has two parts: The Cork, which is the upper part and is easy accessible and the Corkscrew, which is even more amazing, yet hard to access. Antelope Canyon is included in wallpaper images gallery nearly in every gadget, due to its unsurpassed and almost unreal beauty.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Close your eyes and imagine a paradise. What do you see? Emerald green meadows and forests, numerous cascading waterfalls and iconic caves covered with moss, tranquil hiking trails and turquoise ponds? This is not the Garden of Eden, this is Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

The best season to visit the park is Spring when the water level is high and waterfalls are rapid, though autumn is also magical here with an array of colors.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort


Located in Kakslauttanen forest, this glass igloo resort is like a settlement for Santa’s elves. This fairylike resort is an ideal place to observe Northern lights, enjoy arctic nature and have a unique, magnificent Spending the night in a glass igloo is awesome, as it is warm inside, but transparent glass allows to admire all the miracles of the winter forest.

Naica Mine, Mexico


The greatest architect of all times, Mother Nature, has created a natural wonder: a cave with giant crystals of selenite. Some beams are 1.5 meters long. You should be brave to visit the mine, as it is a working, active mine of lead, silver, and zinc, and the temperature inside is changing rapidly. It is not very easy to get an entrance to the mine, as it’s not generally open to the public. If you are a tourist, keep your telephone ready in Naica, and have an international SIM card inserted and connected, to be able to a make a call in case of emergency. Anyhow, once in a mine, and seeing these breathtaking huge crystals you understand it was worth it.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia


The most iconic temple in Cambodia, Angkor Wat, has become one of the wonders of the modern world, due to its otherworldly splendor and grandeur. Built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman the Second, Angkor Wat is one of the biggest religious monuments in the world with the most detailed carvings and decorations. It is the best-preserved sample of Khmer architecture. It is believed, more than 300 thousand workers and 6000 elephants were used for constructing the temple.

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