HelloSIM Rewards System is our way of thanking our customers, who use HelloSIM app. Travel all over the world, top up your balance, activate bundles, and redeem points towards your next services. Our aim is to make your traveling experience more engaging, exciting and gameful.
Earning reward points is extremely easy; you travel, use HelloSIM services, and accumulate points, which are shown in “My Account” part.

Profile completion

+ 25 points

10 points
10 points
20 points


+ 25 Point

6 months
12 months
24 months

Bundle activation

3% points back

Visits to the same country

+1 point

Visit a unique country

+10 points

Download HelloSIM Now!

To use your points, you should have HelloSIM application installed on your phone. If you have not installed the app yet, you can do it now. Start collecting points right now, as you will earn the first 25 points by simply downloading and activating the app!

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