Travel Tips and Lifehacks – Barcelona

Barcelona is, without any doubt, on the bucket list of hundreds of thousands in people in the world. Barcelona appeals travelers with its beaches, sun, food, nightlife, and cultural heritage. A trip to Barcelona should be perfect, exciting, memorable full of new sensations, emotions, and amazing photos.

Cool! Whoa! Ah and Oh! Yes, you are in Barcelona, and if you’ve got some info about this huge cosmopolitan city beforehand, you are lucky enough not to fall in those numerous tourist traps which are so typical to big cities. Let’s go ahead for Barcelona  travel tips and lifehacks and see what we should and shouldn’t do in Barcelona!


Consider buying an all-inclusive travel pass which will allow you to use all kinds of transport-metro, buses, tram system. Another good option is Barcelona Card which will also give entry to most of Barcelona’s major attractions. The passes can be bought online, which will save you time.

Rent a bike

Great news for bike lovers. Bike rental in Barcelona is affordable and easy. Just browse the internet to find a range of companies offering bikes, starting from 6 Euros per day. Usually, bike lockers are included in the price.


This advice is based on the reviews of thousands of tourist. If you want to see the real Barcelona, just walk. Visiting Familia di Sagrada is a must, but when you walk in the city, you can bump into real architectural marvels,  feel the amazing pulse of the city just admire the great Catalonian city.

barcelona travel tips


Unlike many cities in Europe, there are fountains with drinking water in Barcelona, so having a reusable water bottle is a great idea for the traveler, especially when you have decided to go for long walks.


Try to avoid taxis in Barcelona. Having so many options for public transport, walking, and cycling, expensive taxis are only good when you are short of time.


Dress-Code for Summer

As you are going to explore the city, to walk a lot and have a perfect trip, you should feel comfy, and as Barcelona offers much to people who look for leisure and luxury, you should be at the same time stylish. So the best outfit for Barcelona is a kind of blend of style and flexibility. And of course, summer accessories like hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas are on the must-have list. Avoid wearing swimsuits or beach shorts in the city, don’t enter churches in beach shorts or scantily dressed.

Concerts and Festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona is a unique city, where you can have a rest on the beach, have a cultural tour during the day, spend unforgettable time at nightclubs and attend the best concerts and festivals in the world. Generally, party-loving Barcelona boasts a variety of events during summer months and not only, so our advice is to find your favorite events, book tickets online and immerse in the magnificent world of music, dances, and different colorful shows.


To be in Barcelona and have meals in McDonalds, Burger Kings and drink coffee in a Starbucks is a crime. Barcelona offers a palette of the tastiest food to try to enjoy. Have a paella feast, enjoy esqueixada, tapas and bombas, aioli sauce and Bunyols de Bacalla. For sweet teeth, Barcelona offers crema Catalana, Leche fritas, and Menjar blanc. You should know, that most of the restaurants in Barcelona are not open until 8 pm, so eating a late dinner in Barcelona is common. And also don't forget activate a data bundle from HelloSIM to put those mouth-watering pics on Instagram.

Barcelona travel tips

Catalan Language

As Barcelona is the capital and the largest city in Catalonia, most people in Barcelona speak Catalan. Of course, you can speak Spanish and English and Italian and Portuguese, most people will understand you. Anyway,  it will be much appreciated, if you learn a phrase or two before leaving for Barcelona. The locals will be happy to hear their native language from a foreigner.


For all the museums in major cities of Europe, we have general advice. Book tickets online, or take a guided tour. For entering a museum you have to stand in a queue, and if you have been smart enough to have booked a ticket beforehand, you will at least skip the ticket queue, which is as long as the entrance queues.


Must visit museums in Barcelona are: National Museum of Catalonia,  CaixaForum, Picasso Museum, which is famous for the fact that artist himself promoted it. , Joan Miró Foundation-a Miró theme Art center, Modern Art Museum of Barcelona, Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona

Choose the right beach

“Platja”-s, i.e. beaches in Barcelona are major tourist attractions, especially in summer. The beaches located to the south of the city are usually more crowded, as they are closer to the city center and the northern beaches have better sand and have comparatively fewer visitors. One more reminder here: do not stroll in the city center in beach outfit. The biggest and the most famous beach in Barcelona is Barceloneta Beach, but it is practically overcrowded day and night.


cross-processed background image of Barcelona beach on sunny spring day with shallow depth of field, Spain

An interesting fact: the beaches of Barcelona have been created artificially, in 1992 during the Olympic Games.


In Barcelona, nightlife begins late, and it features classy and epic parties, top DJs, thriving dances, drinks and tasty food.  Most nightclubs, beach clubs, pubs, open after 12.  You are in Barcelona, go and enjoy yourself, make friends, dance, drink and eat, Barcelona promises you a warm welcome, you will long remember those crazy days in one of the most vibrant cities in the world!



And last, but not least important Barcelona lifehack: getting internet in Barcelona. Overall, Barcelona has rather a large coverage of Wi-Fi, there is a Barcelona city Wi-Fi in the center. Anyhow, to ensure reliable connection and not to hunt for free Wi-Fi, you'd rather get a prepaid SIM card with certain GBs of the internet for the period of your travel. Thus, you will avoid both roaming charges and time waste.

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