Common Mistakes of First-Time Travelers

If every traveler decided to write about the mistakes made during the trips, we would have tons of funny, scary, amusing and touchy stories. Digital world nowadays gives us the opportunity to share those stories , to share experience, help each other and become a smarter traveler- based on another traveler’s experience. So we decided to share some tips and tricks of a smart traveler, and made a list of travelers' mistakes, that people usually make on their first trip.

#1 Overpacking

You pull out the things from your drawers, put them into the suitcases, and that single thought in your head whispers all the time, have I left anything? Is there anything I should take with me? Did I put enough T-shirts? Stop!

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First of all check the weather for the destination country, so as to avoid taking whole your wardrobe. Then, make a list of all the necessary things and double, then triple check it. Do you really, really need all those things? After all, if you have decided to go shopping while travelling, your luggage is going to get bigger and heavier.

#2 Thinking that Wi-Fi is verywhere

No, my dear first-time travelers, this is not the case. You will get free Wi-Fi in most parks, airports, stations, museums, or just in the streets. But You ARE going to need internet while traveling, so our advice is: take an international data SIM card with you, to stay connected, be able to use social media, make video calls and lives.

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Getting a local SIM card is also a good idea, just be careful to choose the right tariff and not to overpay. In some countries you will need to sign a contract and use postpaid data plans, which are not the best option for the travelers. Well, international data SIM card wins, better safe than sorry!

#3 Booking a hotel in the outskirts of the city

If you are on budget, this is of course acceptable. But the thing is, in most cases you spend so much time and money on transport and on the roads, that the difference becomes insignificant.

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Instead of this, you could start the booking process long before the trip, search for the best hotel deals, look for coupons on the relevant websites. Anyway, if you could not book a hotel near to the city center, try to book a hotel near some metro station. Buy a 3 or 7 days metro pass, because they are always cheaper, than one time tickets.

#4 Not buying insurance

One of the most common mistakes that novice travelers make, is not buying a travel insurance before the trip. Of course, in many countries it is compulsory, but there are ones which do not demand travel insurance.

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We do not want to speak about this point in details; just we would like to say that it is really, really very important. You will never know what will happen to you, especially when you are kilometers away from home. By the way, travel insurance is usually rather affordable, so go ahead and get it before your travel.

#5 Having all your money in a single place

Always divide your cash and credit cards into several parts and keep them in safe parts of your suitcase, bag, backpack or whatever it is. Do not carry a lot of cash with you, just have some to spend, because there are ATMs in all over the world. Most hotel rooms have safe cabinets, so it is a good option to leave some of your money and valuables inside it.

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#6 Disrespecting a foreign culture

This is one of the common travelers' mistakes, that people even don't know about. Before the trip, try to find time and read about the culture, habits and traditions of the visited country. In some countries haggling is common, in others you will look weird if you start negotiating over the price. In certain cultures tipping is quite Ok, in others it is offensive. There are countries where you cannot approach a woman to ask guidance, and there are countries where kissing in public is the most common sight.

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#7 Avoiding local food

Traveling means getting to know other cultures, their history, architecture, geography, habits and of course food. Food in foreign countries is sometimes one of the most interesting and amazing ritual that travelers should not avoid. Of course, our advice is always to ask for the ingredients of the unknown dish, especially if you have some sort of allergy. Trying new food can become a real adventure, you taste  new, unknown flavors and texture and have a unique opportunity to show it on, let’s say, Instagram. Very often local food and eating habits tells a lot about that special country, go ahead and order that strange looking dish right now!

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