Celebrate Love: 7 Getaways for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, shops burst in plush hearts, teddies, balloons, chocolates and love cards. Couples book romantic dinners in restaurants, prepare proposal speeches, buy rings and make traveling plans. Which is the most romantic city in the world? Paris? Venice? New York? Check our list of love cities, choose your destination and may love always be with you!

1. Bali

Are you looking for a candlelit dinner with scenic ocean views? A place very different, unique and stunningly beautiful? Welcome to Bali, Indonesia. Bali is by far one of the most romantic destinations in the world, which attracts more and more honeymooners. Bali hosts the most luxurious hotels and restaurants.


Accommodations are mainly tailored for couples and offer exceptional service of sensual massages, open-air spas, fitness centers and lagoon-style pools.



Sun-kissed beaches, magical volcanoes, tranquil lakes and dense jungles make Bali a real heaven for travelers, and St.Valentine’s day in Bali promise to make the love vacation one you should never forget.


2. Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana in the Swiss Alps is a scenic alpine ski resort with luxurious hotels, shopping centers, and spa facilities. Valentine’s Day in this panoramic resort is for the couples who want to combine winter activities with relaxing evenings, gourmet dinners and luxury shopping.  Besides skiing, Crans Montana offers a large specter of winter activities, like tobogganing and snow-tubing, ice skating, winter walking, and snowshoeing.


3. Santorini, Greece

If you truly want to impress your best half, arrange a trip to Santorini, the island of breathtaking sunsets in Greece. The air is chilly in February, but the views remain amazing, and it’s no wonder that Santorini ranks as one of the most romantic getaways in the world. Arrange a romantic candlelit open-air dinner and get immersed in the true magic of sunset colors, beaches, and the sparkling wine glasses. Santorini turns into a big Valentine island on the 14th of February, and you think you already see flying cupids singing love songs everywhere.


4. Nuremberg, Germany

Can You think of anything more romantic than spending the Valentine’s Day in a cozy medieval town? If this is what you pictured to yourself, than Nurnberg-Bavaria’s second largest city, is the place you should head to. As Martin Luther King once said, “Nuremberg shines throughout Germany like a sun among the moon and stars”.


You and your better half will get immersed in a real adventure in this wonderful city. Don’t miss the chance to visit Kaiserburg Castle, the German National Museum, St. Sebaldus Church, German National Railways Museum, Albrecht Dürer’s House, which is now a museum and Nuremberg Toy Museum.

One of the miracles of medieval architecture is  Schöner Brunnen, a nineteen meters fountain in Gothic style, located in the main market square. Go for a walk in Nurnberg, try Lebkuchens, famous Valentine cookies, and Nürnberger Bratwurst, sausages protected by EU law and made only in Nurnberg feel the special atmosphere of the city!

5. Seville, Spain

Seville is a charming city for lovebirds, with picturesque cobblestone streets, scenic bridges, beautiful parks and very good restaurants. Seville is a great city for outdoorsy couples, as strolling in the streets is by itself an incredibly romantic experience.


If the weather is fine, you will meet local musician playing hot flamenco on the guitar, you will cross through peaceful squares with gorgeous historic monuments mainly in Gothic and Baroque styles, with some influence of Moorish architecture. One of the must-see sights of the city is La Giralda, the most iconic sight in Seville. From the top of it, you can admire the panoramic view of the city, breathtaking sunset view and make really amazing photos!


La Alcázar of Seville is another gorgeous building. Once a Moorish fort, it is now one of the rare palaces in Europe, which is still used by the royal family.


Seville is actually packed with architectural masterpieces, and spending love day here will not be enough, consider at least a love week!

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, so romantic and gorgeous, with snowy rooftops and fairy-tale buildings! Prague hosts the gorgeous historic buildings, famous museums and exclusive galleries that are home to great cultural and historical masterpieces. The city of hundred spires welcomes couples and promises the most memorable trip ever.


Can you imagine anything more romantic than taking a cruise on a river, with a candlelit table and music of live band? The charm of Prague sights around will indeed add a special spice to all the romance.


Or maybe you would like just to stroll in the idyllic streets of the city, to take lovely photos on the Charles Bridge, under the astronomical clock, and near the Prague Castle? Eat A traditional Bohemian dinner in one of the amazing restaurants of the city? In any case, you are the winner, and you will surely woo your sweetheart!

7. Whitsundays, Heart Reef, Australia

Mother Earth celebrates Valentine day here, join the celebration! Corals that naturally shaped a heart, can be viewed and admired during one of the helicopter tours from above. This is an ultimate romantic trip, so hurry to impress your loved one, and become the unique and best Valentine. If you previously purchased an internet SIM card, and have an internet connection, share this unique sight with the whole world!


Impress your special someone with one of the unbelievably gorgeous lodges on the Great Barrier Reef, relax, relax and relax… Enjoy sun, sand, and surf, taste exclusive dishes at intimate cozy restaurants, attend spas, try cocktails and go snorkeling in the Australian magical underwater life.


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