What is a Travel SIM Card and Why Do You Need It?

Travel SIM card is also called “travel SIM” “data SIM card”, “roaming card” “international SIM card” or sometimes a “global SIM card”. They are either prepaid SIM cards or cards with pay as you go plans, they can be for a specific country or have a wide coverage of different countries. In any case, they are what savvy travelers need for reducing the roaming charges and getting a bunch of benefits. For those, who still haven’t used a travel SIM card while traveling, or for those, who have bought a “wrong” travel SIM, we have written this blog article about all the features and benefits of a real international SIM card.

Well, what is a travel sim card and why do you need it?

Reason #1. You save up to 90% on international roaming

Everyone knows that international roaming charges are awfully high. You have probably heard stories about people who have been charged huge bills as a result of accidentally turned on roaming option in the mobile phone. Maybe you were badly in need of internet while traveling and there was no Wi-Fi around?


Travel SIM Card


So you used the internet while being abroad and you were shocked by the bills? Most of travel SIM cards offer affordable internet bundles, so having a card and activating a bundle is the first and most important thing you should consider before traveling.As a rule, calling and SMS rates are also several times cheaper, and staying in touch with friends and family becomes easier and more affordable.


Reason #2. You save time


Sometimes people say. “Why should I buy a travel SIM card, if I can buy a local SIM card, which is cheaper?

When you take off the plane and appear in an unknown airport, not everything is as easy as it seemed when you were still in your home country. You begin asking where you can buy a local sim card if you find someone who understands your language. Very few airports sell cards inside, most often you should find mobile care centers outside the airport. You can’t use a navigation app as you don’t have internet.

Even if you have found one, you should present documentation and sign a contract for buying a card. Then you will read the leaflets and ask some questions so as to pick the best available tariff for you. Buy the way, not all local sim cards are cheap, and not all data tariffs are affordable. Very often tariffs offered by international SIM cards, like HelloSIM travel Sim card are more affordable and easy to use. Well, you have spent pretty much time on buying a local SIM card, which is not the best option if you are short on time.


Reason #3. With travel SIM card you feel secure


 If you are smart enough to have bought a travel SIM card beforehand, you don’t have the feeling of anxiety after landing. You already know that you have a secure connection. Already landed? Call your mom, then use, say, UBER app to order a taxi, maybe you will need navigation to find the hotel or a shopping center? Have an important e-mail to read and answer? You have internet from the moment of landing, so feel free to enjoy it!  Oh, we know, you want to make a selfie just in front of the airplane and upload to say Instagram? That’s a really crazy good idea, go on, you have the internet on your card. Maybe all this sounds like a good advertisement, but the truth is that it’s really worth trying.


Reason #4. Not all Wi-Fi that shines is good Wi-Fi


 Most travelers hope to find Wi-Fi connection here and there. We are here to disappoint you. Public Wi-Fi is far from being secure. So if you are going to log in to your accounts, to your e-mail or use a credit card for online operations, keep in mind that your sensitive data are highly at risk. and there is also the threat of a fake Wi-Fi connection, especially in open-air locations.


We have already spoken about this in another article here. Besides, Wi-Fi connections at hotels are often very unstable and speed is rather low. Don’t take our word for it, check other travelers reviews on any forum or hotel website.

Reason #5. One SIM Card – Suitable for different countries


Most international sim cards can be used in different countries. There are also travel SIM card intended to use only in one country, like a US travel SIM card or a UK travel SIM card, anyway, cards with global coverage and with more countries are a better option, especially for frequent travelers. It is just comfortable, you don’t have to browse the internet in hope finding an appropriate and reliable card for that specific country. HelloSIM travel SIM card has a coverage in more than 207 countries.

Travel SIM Card

This means you buy a card once, get your own number, keep the card, and use it in any corner of the world. You can top up your balance online, call the 24/7 support, activate internet bundles, make calls and write SMS.  More detailed information about the card and coverage can be found here. So it’s simply comfortable: you know you have a card for traveling, one that can be refilled, used in different countries, and save your time, money and become a number one travel accessory.

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